Alexa Chung lanciert ihre eigene Kollektion

von Lena Stäheli
Gestern präsentierte Alexa Chung ihr eigenes Label in der Danish Church of Saint Katherina in London.
“I wanted to hold the presentation somewhere that felt uplifting and celebratory and ultimately had a good vibe about it."

"The location we found felt quintessentially British and perfect for what we wanted to achieve. I had been joking about marrying myself to this brand, which Is where the wedding concept came from. I wanted it to feel ceremonial, to bring a sense of occasion to the unveiling of the collection. It’s been a long journey to get to this day and I was so happy to be able to share it with all my closely friends and family along with my peers from the fashion industry who I have admired along the way”.

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Model, Journalistin, Mode-Ikone und seit gestern Designerin. Alexa Chung hat ihre erste Modekollektion enworfen und diese gestern feierlich präsentiert. Die Kollektion bietet von Basics bis Abendmode etwas für jeden Geschmack.

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